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What is the process for signing up?


How does the LASIK Challenge work?


What if Ortho-K doesn’t work for me?


How often are Ortho-K lenses replaced?

Do I need a special cleaner for Ortho-K lenses?

Your doctor will discuss with you which lens care products are best for sleepSEE Ortho-K lenses.

How does the “Rebate” work?

When you signup for sleepSEE, enter your name, doctors name, date you signed up, and your email address on this page (here).  Shortly thereafter (approx 4 weeks) you will be notified your rebate is ready for pickup.

Do all doctors offer sleepSEE Ortho-K?

No.  If a doctor does not appear on our sleepSEE doctor search map, he/she is NOT a sleepSEE Partner.  Therefore your services are not guaranteed by sleepSEE.  If you find a doctor offering sleepSEE services but he/she does not appear on our Find a Doctor search map, please report it here.

Will sleepSEE Ortho-K work if I already had LASIK surgery?

The sleepSEE system, and Orthokeratology in general, is not FDA-approved for post-surgical vision correction. Very few eye doctors provide orthokeratology services to post-surgical clients. But, as you can see from our online “Testimonials”, some people are experiencing restored post-LASIK vision using the sleepSEE ortho-k system.

NOTE: sleepSEE’s post-LASIK “Testimonials” are not to be misconstrued as a service all sleepSEE Partners provide. If you already had surgical vision correction (i.e., LASIK, PRK, etc.) please inform your sleepSEE Partner doctor before your initial consultation visit.

Why not just get LASIK?

You can. But why do surgery on a healthy eye when there is a nonsurgical alternative? We feel the sleepSEE overnight vision correction system (ortho-k) is a better option because it is nonsurgical, less expensive, and clinically proven to slow down nearsighted progression in children.


What is the process for signing up?

Click on the “Find a Doctor” button in the upper right corner of any page. Next, enter your zip code in the search box. The page will populate showing a list of available sleepSEE Partners (doctors) in your area. Contact the doctor closest to you and schedule your sleepSEE consultation. (If a doctor you know does not appear on the list, ask him/her to join the sleepSEE Partner network)

NOTE:  Please discontinue all soft contact lens wear at least two weeks prior to your initial sleepSEE ortho-k evaluation. If you are wearing rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, please discontinue lens wear at least four weeks prior to sleepSEE ortho-k evaluation.


What are the age limits for Ortho-K?

A typical sleepSEE ortho-k client falls between ages 6 years old and up.

Is sleepSEE Ortho-K new?

The sleepSEE overnight vision correction system is fairly new. But the technology (orthokeratology) behind sleepSEE has been around for over 40 years. Recent technological advancements, and the concerns over myopia progression, has brought much attention to this vision correction modality over the past few years.

How does sleepSEE differ from Ortho-K?

Although sleepSEE uses the same science and technology behind orthokeratology, it differs mainly because of its unparalleled 2 year lens life guarantee, 30-day money back policy and highly trained sleepSEE Partners.

Will sleepSEE Ortho-K permanently correct my vision?

No vision correction procedure/system (i.e., sleepSEE, LASIK, PRK, etc.) can guarantee permanent vision correction. The sleepSEE system uses rigid gas permeable contact lenses that gently reshapes the front part of your eye (cornea). Once the lenses are removed, over time your corneas will return to their original shape.

Since there are no permanent changes to the cornea, this procedure is ideal for children. Parents all over the world feel at ease when enrolling their child into the sleepSEE orthokeratology program.

Do I have to wear Ortho-K lenses every night?

In most cases, yes. However, some clients only wear their sleepSEE system lenses every other night – or every third night – and still maintain clear vision throughout the entire day.

How many hours do I need to sleep in Ortho-K lenses?

During the initial remolding phase (i.e., first night of lens wear), we ask that you get at least 6 hours of sleep. After the first night of wear, people typically achieve optimal vision by sleeping in their sleepSEE ortho-k lenses 4 to 6 hours.

How does the LASIK Challenge work?

The “LASIK Challenge” program (here) is designed to give those who are considering LASIK an opportunity to try nonsurgical vision correction first. We offer you a worry-free, nothing-to-lose option so you can experience what clear vision is like without surgery.  The reality is that not all things work for all people. But our 100% money-back guarantee will put you at ease.  Plus, you will be given $200 to use towards your LASIK surgery if you decide to go that route. (NOTE: This offer is only available at selected locations.)

Do doctors accept insurance for sleepSEE Ortho-K?

At this time, sleepSEE doctors do not accept insurance for Ortho-K services. Please ask your doctor about “Flex Spending Plans” and other financing options.

What if Ortho-K doesn’t work for me?

If your vision is not satisfactory within 30 days after your initial program enrollment date, just return your Ortho-K lenses and 100% of your program fee will be refunded. (NOTE: evaluation/consultation fees are non-refundable.)

How often are Ortho-K lenses replaced?

With proper lens care (cleaning and handling), your sleepSEE system lenses should last up to two years, without any significant reduction in the quality of your vision.

(Note:  This excludes any overall changes in your prescription/refractive error or broken/lost lenses.)

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