fatima Fatima D. age 22

Dry eye symptoms from daytime contacts

With sleepSEE, I can get the same benefits of LASIK but without having to have surgery! I just go to sleep, I wake up, I take them out and I don’t have to deal with it anymore for the rest of the day.  It was initial shock when I realized sleepSEE worked.  Going to the beach and the pool, I don’t have to wear glasses or worry about contacts falling out. I wear them if not every day, every other day.

greggory Gregory R. age 22

Former college athlete

I’ve been wearing sleepSEE lenses for 8 years. I like them because they are more convenient, and I can see 20/20 without contact lenses. I just put contacts in and sleep at night. I can go a day without waring my lenses but I usually put them in every night. When playing college football, my contacts are always coming out or ripping. With sleepSEE, I take the lenses out in the morning and go about my day. Sometimes, when I do some contact hitting, a contact lens may come out. My vision is really bad. If a contact came out, I couldn’t see, and in college I played receiver and safety! I recommend sleepSEE to people who are active.

denice Denice C.

sleepSEE ortho-k … 5yrs!

Sometimes I don’t have to put them in every night! Sometimes I can skip a day or two. I recommend them to everyone!  You have so much freedom.  Sometimes you forget you ever wore glasses.  You just feel natural. You don’t even think about it! It’s just wonderful. sleepSEE ortho-k equals freedom.

christina Cristina R. age 10

Student, basketball player

When I go to sleep and wake up, I can see 20/20. In school, I usually sit in the back of the room, and I can’t see the board. When I wear sleepSEE lenses, it helps me see. It’s helpful for seeing far and clear. They’re comfortable and nice and you can actually see clearly.”

marchal Marshall Pitts attorney, former mayor

LASIK restore with sleepSEE!

I wish I had known about sleepSEE before I ever entertained the idea of LASIK because I surely would not have done LASIK. With sleepSEE, the big advantage is that they work at night. It doesn’t interfere with your daily activities at all. When you get ready to go to bed, you pop them in and don’t even realize you have them on. When you wake up in the morning, you pop them out and go on about your daily activities… no interference whatsoever. I would recommend sleepSEE lenses to anyone who is wary of surgical intervention.

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