The Lasik Challenge

Are you considering LASIK?

Take the LASIK Challenge!

The “LASIK Challenge” is for individuals who are considering surgical vision correction in the near future. We offer you a worry-free, nothing-to-lose vision correction option that comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  Our goal is to get you seeing clear and comfortable throughout the entire day…or 100% of your program fee will be refunded. And just for your troubles, we will give you $200 towards your LASIK eye surgery.  All you have to do is click on the button below to locate your nearest sleepSEE doctor.  (Note: Only doctors with the initials “LC” on their profile offer this special program.)


What’s in it for you?

Icon 1$200
Icon 2No surgery!
Icon 3Reduced cost!
Icon 4Low risks!
Icon 5Life ~ 2yrs!
Icon 6No dry eyes!
Icon 7100% Reversible!

Program Restrictions

  • Program enrollment is by request only. Signing up for sleepSEE’s ortho-k vision correction system does not automatically enroll you into the “LASIK Challenge!” program.
  • The LASIK Challenge program is available only through participating eyecare centers within the sleepSEE network. Please contact your nearest sleepSEE Partner for more information.
  • The $200 rebate is valid only at participating eye care centers within the sleepSEE network.
  • The $200 rebate is valid only for LASIK procedures performed within 60-days of completing the sleepSEE LASIK Challenge program.
  • The $200 rebate is nontransferable (i.e., family, friends, services, etc.)
  • You must return all ortho-k lenses before any refund/rebate is given. For any lens not returned, you will be charged a lens replacement fee. This cost will be deducted from your program fee.
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