What’s Next?

  1. Enter your prescription in the “Am I a Candidate” section on the home page. When the pop-up appears, enter your zip code and email address.
  2. Once we receive your info, we will contact the sleepSEE provider nearest you. This provider will then contact you to schedule your sleepSEE evaluation. (Note: evaluation fees are nonrefundable.)
  3. Once approved, your next step is to sign-up for the sleepSEE program. (The “Am I a Candidate” section is very helpful in approximating your candidacy, but only sleepSEE providers can give the final approval.)
  4. Once your lenses are designed, your provider will contact you to schedule your sleepSEE lens training session.
  5. If you are unable to achieve clear vision by the 30th day after program enrollment, 100% of your program fee will be refunded.
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