What is the sleepSEE vision care network?

We are a global community of eye doctors providing nonsurgical vision correction and myopia control using the revolutionary sleepSEE system. The sleepSEE Overnight Vision Correction system (ortho-k) is great for those who have always wanted to experience the joys of sight without the burden of glasses, daytime contact lens wear or surgery. The sleepSEE system is great for adults and kids!

So, no matter where you live — east coast, west coast, up north or down south — there’s a sleepSEE doctor near you!

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People, mostly children, are becoming nearsighted at an alarming rate. Recent studies show that by the year 2050, almost half the population on the planet will be nearsighted. This means that if the current nearsighted trend continues, almost 5 billion people will need some type of corrective lens (glasses or contact lens) in order to see clearly. If that is not alarming enough, people with extremely high nearsighted prescriptions carry a greater risk of developing serious vision complications, such as glaucoma, cataracts and retinal detachments.

There are several theories explaining why myopia is increasing at such a rapid rate: genetics, extended computer use, lack of outdoor activities, nutrition, lighting and more. Our sleepSEE Partners consider all the above factors when designing a sleepSEE program to slow down your child’s nearsightedness. As the parent, you will play an important role on the sleepSEE team to help guide and implement your child’s sleepSEE myopia control program. Working together with your sleepSEE Partner, the appropriate plan can be created to control your child’s nearsighted progression.

Although slowing down myopia progression in children is the most important role of the sleepSEE system, there are other exciting benefits we cannot ignore. For example, using the sleepSEE system, you will enjoy a lifestyle free from glasses or daily wear contact lenses. That means no more broken/lost glasses, lost contact lenses, contact lens-related dry eyes, reduced sporting activity (i.e., swimming) and much more! Even elite athletes will find they have a leg up on competitors who depend on contact lens wear or LASIK surgery.

Long gone are the days when daytime contact lenses, glasses or LASIK surgery were your only options to clear, comfortable vision. The sleepSEE system provides true visual freedom, combined with myopia protection. It’s great for adults and children and comes with a 100% Satisfaction Policy plus a 2-Year Lens Life Guarantee. Please help us spread the word about sleepSEE by sharing us on your favorite social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). With your help, the world will know there is a better, safer and less expensive way to clear vision.

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With no lens

With lens fitted

During sleep

Lens removed

Orthokeratology (ortho-k) has been around for more than 40 years. Recent technological advancements have put orthokeratology on the world stage. The public is quickly learning about its availability and the benefits of nonsurgical vision correction it offers to both children and adults. Now, children can enjoy the benefits of a lifestyle free from glasses and daily contact lens wear. Swimmers and baseball, basketball and tennis players … can now focus on their game and not on their eyewear. And parents are relieved knowing the sleepSEE Myopia Control system is protecting their child’s eyes.

To see if you or your child is a candidate for sleepSEE, go here to locate your nearest sleepSEE Partner.

Our Mission

Vision correction for all ages!
The purpose of this website is to inform the public about the benefits of orthokeratology. The site also serves as a resource for the public to locate their nearest sleepSEE Partner.
Our Guarantee

Still undecided about sleepSEE?
If the sleepSEE system does not get you seeing clearly and comfortably within 30 days, just return your lenses for a full refund. Take a look at our “LASIK Challenge” program here!
100,000 by 2020

Changing the world, one eye at a time. Our goal is to have 100,000 sleepSEE signups by the year 2020. We can achieve this only with your help. Please tell your family and friends about sleepSEE Overnight Vision Correction!


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